Recommendation. TV seen on Friday on I Player Pilgrimage. BBC2 . Seven “celebs” including Edwina Curry is enough to put one off, but no.  They set off on a pilgrimage from Belgrade (Serbia) (to Istanbul. (Turkey).  Consisting of a convert to Catholicism, an atheistic  rejecter of Catholicism, a secularised Jew, (Edwina) A young ordinary believing Muslim, an amazing blind no longer Muslim (a TV star in the making), an atheist and a vaguely Christian theist.  Have watched two of the three with Elizabeth. Third to come.  Was annoyed no Buddhist featured when the values and beliefs expressed by them were so often close to secular Buddhism and no active Anglican was featured.  However, all seven came across really well as intelligent, sensitive non-specialists regarding religion. (Edwina being much the most knowledgeable about the religions and their history.) The places they passed through were stunning and in all make for a really good and encouraging programme.

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