A General View of Religion

Often ideas expressed in many words can be better communicated through a simple annotated diagram.   These annotated diagrams, are NOT art, but they do I think make many things clear.  Initially posted on their own, I intend to add further explanations to them.  Any comments you may have about them – are they clear, obscure, misleading, wrong, you have left out something important- would be much appreciated.

The first is not a World View but a general image to express how I define a religion.  Looking at all of these diagrams should make what I have written on “Clearing the Way” and “Christianity and Supernaturalism” clearer.

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Note this description of religion – essentially a prescriptive belief system which refers to a deeper, more fundamental apprehension of who we are and where we are than a heedless, shallow view of life gives, is in itself value free.

It neither endorses nor condemns belief in one or more gods or a supernatural realm or state. It simply describes the way – cross-culturally – human beings attempt to make sense of life, live well, and express their awe and wonder at the way things are.