ANVIL 15 & 16



ANVIL Meetings in 2015


January 14th Christopher Maltin on “The World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Fuel in the context of the fall in oil prices and the Lima Conference on Climate Change. Christopher Maltin is a director of Biomethane Ltd., and founder and chairman of Organic Power Holdings Ltd.  He is a qualified and experienced mechanical engineer and leader of the team that designed the first systems which made it possible for high performance engines to operate on lead-free petrol.  A respected consultant he is recognised as one of the foremost experts in the field of renewable energy and specifically anaerobic digestion.

March 11th  John Baxter. A careful look at the morality of the Pro-Life Approachto abortion, contraception and related thinking on sexual relations and celibacy.   A Religious Education teacher for 25 years with degrees from Rhodes,Oxford and Bristol, this is a subject he has been interested in since writing a paper for the National RE Teachers Panel in the eighties and has carefully followed developments since.

May 13th. Donald Mathewson. Does morality require religion to sustain It? Donald taught chemistry  for some 30 years, was head of a large science department, a housemaster and a headmaster. Since retiring he has taken broadly based B.A. arts courses with the Open University, refuting the view of C.P. Snow (who contributed the foreword to his first book) that it is impossible to weld the two cultures. He has long been interested in tonight’s topic.

July 15th. Graham Stride. Eating meat is not ecologically sustainable so we all need to move to a meat free diet. Graham is a former teacher of thirty years with experience of working in the developing world with VSO and UN educational development programmes.

September 16th. Julie Arliss. Ethical Theory and Assumptions in Sexual Ethics The founder and organiser of Academy Conferences on Philosophy and Religious Studies, Julie will be looking at the contemporary scene and assumptions that underlie choices.

November 11th. Dr Derek Hudson. The EU. Is it sustainable and should the UK remain in it? Former Deputy Head of the Bank of Botswana, Derek has practical experience of balancing a national budget.



Would you like to lead on a topic or do you know someone who might do so? Some possible subjects for the futur

  1. Population Growth has to be stopped, or we face catastrophe.
  2. Liberal democracy is in crisis and radical steps need to be taken.
  3. The Emperor’s New Clothes. The Contemporary Art Establishment has lost it’s way

The ANVIL supporters list is open to anyone. Suggestions for speakers and subjects are always welcome. To book a place email John Baxter.  16 places are open for each session handed out on a first come basis. We look forward to seeing you.
John Baxter  Email  tel 01963 34537