0026The Tornado is a supersonic fighter bomberr capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Before RAF Chivenor became a base for the Royal Marines they held one last air show in 1991.  The Cold War was much on our minds as President Reagan prepared for Star Wars. The take off of the Tornado was the high point of the show and was terrifying and unforgettable.


It does not fly
but rips the shrieking air
and with reverberating howl
takes off and climbs.

It streaks straight up
its bulging engines
blasting through
the very sound it makes
with flames
of pure malevolence.

As menacingly,
beneath its wings
it cradles through
the assaulted, bleeding sky
The Ultimate Deterrant.

Below the quiet countryside
Lies stunned, speechless
To see such force
Ready to unleash
Apocalyptic horror.