Rabbi Yeshua

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Rabbi Yeshua of Nazareth
I often wonder how you’d feel
Were you to hear the things they say
Who claim to follow you.

What would you think of letters
And the books they say are “Gospel Truth”
Which state they claim are what you taught – –
Or are they something else?

But first, please, tell me-
Did you think you were
The Lord’s Anointed?
Your people’s True Messiah?

And what – please – really did it mean
When you did choose – as it would seem
To call yourself
The Son of Man?

I also wonder if you thought
The world faced imminent catastrophe,
Or would you see such words to be
Apocalyptic fantasy?

And then – I wonder – what you’d think
Were you to learn that they have said
Your mother never shared her bed
With her good husband Yussef.

Why do you think that more than that
They say they know he’s not your dad
And adamantly claim you had
No human father?

Instead, they say that you were born
While she was still a maid
Who’d never known a man.
Yes Rabbi. Truly, that’s their claim.

They also say you weren’t just good
But lived a “spotless, sinless life”
That never did you think or do
A single act not “perfect.”

Which means – they say – they are quite sure –
You never with yourself did play
Or with a woman or a man
Express desire at all!

They’re not content to know your words
And acts both challenged and inspired
And had a gentle touch which showed
You felt and knew our pain.

Was not your aim and mission then
To build right here in hearts of men
A “kingdom” based on agape
On justice and compassion?

Instead it seems they’d rather say
You really did on water walk,
That bread and fish you multiplied
And exorcised foul demons.

They also say you really turned
Huge jars of water into wine
And even raised your friend from death
Some days after his passing.

Were you to say, “ These words they quote
Like many “parables” I used
Are there to move , provoke and point
To deeper truths than “wonders.”

They will reply, “Oh no!
For us with faith these words are fact.
Our Jesus is not just a man
Or even a great prophet.

He’s Supernatural! God made flesh.
“What’s more,” they cry “He cannot die!
For when so cruelly crucified
He rose again – our books don’t lie!”

So – were you then to come back here
As they are sure you will,
Will you be thanking them for keeping faith
With all you said and did?

Your true disciples?
Or might you say,
“I fear these poor goyim have gone quite mad.”

John Baxter




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