ANVIL is a structured discussion group launched Nov.2013 so it has run for five years.
It ha a tested, unique format that works
We aim to hammer away and explore serious issues, (ethical, political, religious, cultural, social, and environmental) – that face us and keep on resurfacing. We want to “think the unthinkable” in an open, positive and considered way by investigating the work of a speaker and discussing the points raised. The aim of each session is not to achieve consensus, but to understand each other, explore and test opinions.

Membership Anyone can become an ASSOCIATE by joining our list.  Send name, email and phone please. You will then receive a reminder email before each session.  Places at each session are limited to 16 booked on a first come first served basis.

Meetings – only five a year. Each in the Wincanton Quakers “Barn” starting at 7.30 sharp and ending at 10 p.m… See Quaker Meeting House, Wincanton High Street.

Speakers:  Either members or invited speakers. The Chairperson for each session circulates.

Active Participation If you book a place for a session you will be expected to have read an article or précis provided by the speaker. This will be on our website or sent to you by email if you have booked a place.

Format:  Each session has a speaker and a responder. The speaker will present key points which are taken up or refuted by the responder.

Have Your Say: The Chair invites everyone who wishes to respond to what the speaker has and to express your own point of view.  This is done without discussion.

When all who wish have done this there is general Questioning through the Chair of each other and the speaker follows. (The aim being to encourage active participation and avoid one or two dominating the scene)

Conclusion. The speaker responds briefly and the meeting ends with refreshments and social chat. End no later than 10pm

Booking Your Place. Members are not expected to come to every session, but are expected to book a place before coming to a session on a first come basis until we have 16. email :

Follow Up The paper or a revised version of it will then be placed on our website under ANVIL and anyone will be able to make a comment on it.

Charge we ask £3 to cover room hire, refreshments and speaker expenses when you attend…

John Baxter enquiries 01963 34537