For the Birds

Doves. birds, wings.
Swooping in Creation.
The Spirit of God hovering
Over the face of the waters.
Holy – the Spirit of Truth.
Shalom – The Spirit of Peace.
As the dove flies off at the end of the Flood,
God tells Noah, “Never Again.”
So when the Son of Man is baptised by John
The Heavens are opened
And the Spirit comes descending
Upon him like a dove
As he comes out of the Waters.
Blessed, Shalom.

Shalom! He was just a false messiah
Now is no time for “Shalom.”
Peace is for the birds,
The shallow optimists
Who flap about deceived, deceiving,
Forgetting why we’re here.
Not seeing the truth
That now’s the time to loathe, despise, destroy
Our hateful enemy.

To keep what’s ours and to fight
Until we’ve won
Total Victory.
Our monstrous enemies destroyed
Together with their children.
So we can take
This Promised Land.