Eyton Road

Listen to Eyton Rd

Cape Town’s Eyton Road,

Upper Claremont –

Is a street for the elite

And those who wish to give

That impression.


It nestles on the foothills of

Devil’s Peak

Before they rise to the spectacular

Gardens of Kirstenbosch,

So the location certainly is

Highly desirable.


There you will find it edged

By an avenue of English Oaks

That sweep past Wet Pups Prep for Boys

Just yards above exclusive Hershel Girls.


This irritates those who now would say,

“These trees are not indigenous,

But scatter foreign acorns which remind us of

That vile Brit Empire Rhodes once ruled.”


Still, on this day

The soothing call of pigeons

Waft gently in the clean clear air

Over the eight foot walls

Which guard each house and whisper,

“Ingozi”, “Danger”, and “Gevaar!”


For they are topped with

Viciously voltaged wires waiting

To shock, stun and trigger

Armed Response

Against the Dark Intruder.


For every Eyton owner knows

As does all Cape Town,

Rich – and poor alike,

Such measures are much needed in

The New South Africa.