Window Shopping




The retail street scene.  Written to go with a collection of over 50 images. 2007


To see and be seen
A way to spend leisure,
A way to spend.
Wander alone.

Meet friends.
Seek inspiration, excitement, Mystery.

The new religion
The malls
Cathedrals to consumerism
The streets
The place to be

Shopping has become
Our passion,
A time to dream as we wander.
The shop window
The lure, the sanctuary-stage
Projecting fantasies for sale.

Shimmering glass protects
the “valued goods”.
“Look! You cannot touch.
For that you must
come on inside.”

Shimmering glass reflects
So what we see is not
Just the contents
but what confronts it,
passing by.

Inhabited by mannequins,
Aloof, androgynous, alien,
Outrageous or seductive,
They pose motionless

Caught in some high drama
Before the moving throng.
Haughtily they project
The latest look
The aspirations.

Seduction, sex, status,
And the key
To enter any group
We most admire,
Giving us a faux passport to

Recognition and Success –
Provided that
We buy.

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