Here I read:Perhaps

Perhaps I am the Buddha
And perhaps I am the Christ
Perhaps I am the Prophet
And perhaps – I’m not so nice.

Perhaps a touch Djugashvili
Perhaps some Schickelgruber
Perhaps a smidgen Mao Zedong
And Sadam – only cooler.

Perhaps though I’m a bit Barak
Who walks so tall and wise
Across the choppy waters of
The politics of lies.

Perhaps he’s entered all of us
Since we enthralled did see
His great Inauguration Speech
Which made us all feel Free!

Perhaps a bit of most of them
Has left some trace in me
Perhaps I’m not as pure as I
Am sure I’d like to be.

Perhaps I’m really ordinary
No mover and no shaker
Too timid and too weak to be
Like them – some tough ball breaker.

Perhaps I’m mediocre
With no inner drive at all
Just looking for a quiet life
Avoiding every call.

Perhaps I am a manly man
Though also a touch fem
Perhaps I am a clever clogs
Whose foolish lines are vain.

Perhaps I’m part of something else
A consciousness that’s shared
By many minds in many ways
In all a bit ensnared.

Perhaps I should – when faced with these
Confusing contradictions
Just let them go – and concentrate
On making good connections.

Perhaps I’ll sit and watch my breath
Relaxed! – all calm and peaceful
Awaiting Full Enlightenment
While acting kind and helpful.

One can but try.

Where do you or I begin or end?