Masters of the Universe

Here I read:Masters of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe
Have left us quite a mess
While making piles through hedging funds
And playing with those clever sums
So we could never guess
How badly they had lost their way
Our jobs, and yes our savings too.
So no-one now knows what to do
As pensions melt away.

For bankers with their bonuses
Earned buying toxic mortgages
Have sat around in towers of steel
While wolfing down some “gourmet” meal
And quaffing glasses of champagne
That we now have to pay for.

Did they not know that what they’ve done
Would cost us dear as they did run
To hide the bloated gains  they’d “won”
In Lichtenstein and Cayman?

So here we sit – not knowing what
We have, or what we have not got
Our futures made uncertain by
Their nonchalance and pride.

For they were sure they knew it all
As in the City they strode tall
And never guessed fat cats could fall

Undone by their own brilliance.

January 2009