IS WRIGHT WRONG? In Belief in a Physical Resurrection of Jesus.

IS WRIGHT WRONG? The Biblical and Historical Case Against Belief  in a Physical Resurrection of Jesus. Written in 2018, Revised 2022 by John Baxter

Wright, Williams, McGrath and Welby
My paper takes issue with the formidable biblical scholar, former Bishop of Durham and Professor of Early Christianity at St Andrews, N.T.Wright.  Now (2022) at Wycliffe Hall Oxford.

I do so with trepidation. He is also not alone in his views which on the resurrection appear to be shared by both Dr Rowan Williams, Professor Alister McGrath and Archbishop (Former Bishop of Durham) Justin Welby. Despite my respect for much of their work and many of their opinions I find I cannot agree with them on the nature of the resurrection of Jesus. This then of course raises the whole issue of the credibility of miracles and special divine action (SDA).

My paper however, influenced particularly by reading Geza Vermes, and Karen Armstrong and Wright on Paul, and Professor John Barton on dating attempts to suggest that historical and biblical study can be used to justify a very different conclusion to that of Wright. Continue reading

WHY BUDDHISM IS TRUE summary of Robert Wright’s Book

Robert Wright.                    WHY BUDDHISM IS TRUE

The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment. Simon and Shuster 2017  In this paper I summarise 9 chapters and comment on the whole book by this leading evolutionary psychologist who has come to see that the Buddha’s insights into the human condition are being corroborated by evolutionary psychology,  To read the whole paper click on RELIGION 

Notes by John Baxter