Email on Covid-19

Dear ANVIL Associates, friends and family,

Since our last ZOOM meeting of ANVIL a week ago today as you will see from the attached paper I thought it would be useful for myself and any of you interested to try and summarise just where we seem to stand as regards Covid-19.  Inevitably I have had some ideas about the way forward also.
Both Greg Atkins and Dave Wrathall have kindly looked over this paper but responsibility for what is in it is of course mine.  Today I was also interested to read a careful article by “MD” in Private Eye which both draws attention to many of the same facts (and more) and draws similar conclusions.
My intention is to put this paper on the ANVIL website and to follow it up with any comments or criticisms any of you would like to make. If you feel moved to do so please send me an email and make it clear if you want to attach your name or remain anonymous.
I hope you will find the paper readable and look forward to hearing from you.


Reflections on what I have learnt about Covid-19

How lucky we have been in having among our ANVIL Associates Greg Atkins, former professor of Virology at Trinity College Dublin, who offered, just before Covid-19 appeared at the end of 2019, to give us a talk on his specialism.  He entitled his talk “The Danger Posed by Emerging Virus Infections.” This week, on the 10th of June 2020, backed up by his UTube video,  Greg updated ANVIL and lead us in a discussion of his subject on ZOOM. Continue reading

ANVIL Wed. 19th Sept. ATHEISM the case. Dr Greg Atkins, Graham Stride

This session consisted in Greg emphasising the need for a science based approach to deciding what is true and real and concluding that all forms of supernaturalism and belief in gods ,, one god, spirits and miracles are not based on evidence.  Graham responded that as he saw it there is far more too life than what can be weighted and measured by science and that intuitively many believe as he does that behind all that is happening there is a compassionate God .  Continue reading

ANVIL April 11th Homo Deus. Presenter John Baxter, Responder Greg Atkins

Summary Notes on HOMO DEUS. A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari 2015  written by John Baxter March 2018. 5,814 words 9 pages so worth printing off.

 These notes simply seek to summarise Homo Deus as an aid to understanding the book’s challenging ideas.  It is not a review for I do not here judge what he says.   It is an aid not a substitute for reading the book and his equally challenging SAPIENS.   Continue reading


Yes, as some of you know for the last two years I have been working on researching and then writing up, the life story of the amazing but almost unknown soldier of Napoleon and Clockmaker of Wincanton, Alberto Bioletti. I have done this in the form of an historical novel told as if by him in the first person. My 350p work is now self-published and on Amazon. For more details see the page above on Bioletti