Palm Sunday 4,974 deaths. Saw and heard our friend John Eade preach and celebrate the Eucharist via his smart phone.  Worked very well as did Ajahn Amaro, abbot at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery with his live streaming session. See online talks.
Keir Starmer elected Labour leader.  At last some hope.  Impressive on Andrew Marr.

This evening we have the Queen whose message has been relentlessly leaked.  A pity for without the leaking her carefully chosen and admirable message would have had greater impact.

A Grim Calculus is the title of the leader in the Economist April 4th.”When one child is stuck down a well, the desire to help without limits will prevail – and so it should. But in a war or in a pandemic leaders cannot escape the fact that every course of action will impose vast social and economic costs.  To be responsible you have to stack each against the other.” and in conclusion, ” Eventually, even if many people are dying the cost of distancing could outweigh the benefits. That is a side to the trade-offs that nobody is yet ready to admit”.
Boris admitted to hospital for “routine checks.” At 7 pm he was in Intensive Care.

TV Recommendation. Escapism. BBC1 The Nest.  5 sessions. Jarringly edgy. Gripping TV.

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