38,168 Infections 3,605 deaths, including 2 young nurses and a 12yr old boy. All apparently fit  Also Welsh consultant says all his patients under 50 and one of 20.  No-one it seems is safe and as expected the numbers are rising fast.

Went for  a depressing 1 hour walk together south across a footpath that has been allowed to loose its markings,. Walked past huge solar farms never noticed. .

Sent Dave Wrathalls email to all ANVIL members and friends and family.

From: Dave Wrathall
Sent: 01 April 2020 20:20
To: John Baxter
Subject: Very interesting videos drawing on science and history.

Hi John I’ve found these videos really interesting and potentially useful with respect to COVID-19. There’s quite a lot of technical detail but he’s good at explaining things. They’re worth watching in sequence if you can spare the time..

In summary, the science (what there is of it) suggests that:

  1. sleep is very very important before, during and, particularly, after the onset of fever.
  2. Super hot baths are also very important before and during the fever stage.

Because these home remedies were popular before the era of antibiotics, they have been all but forgotten by the medical community. They might, however, play a vital role in this crisis.

HOWEVER GP Sally Dangerfield says  I would suggest a hot bath during the fever is completely the wrong thing to do as it heats the body further. Your body sweats to cause evaporation and thus cool the body.

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