Friday 1st May

Had an awful vivid dream about being back teaching only to be misunderstood and falsely accused of alcoholism – never one of my many real weaknesses.  So far I have been sleeping particularly well.  Elizabeth has been having far more dreams.  We never tell each other the contents – except very rarely.  She says that would make them worse.  Of course their contents could and can often be hurtful for a partner when other relationships enter the dream world – I mean sex of course.  We downplay dreams now, no longer seeing them as a gateway into the supernatural as much of Africa still does.  All the same they can be so vivid.

Got together with Jane Langton and Dave Wrathall to try out a session on Zoom.  It worked surprisingly well after a confused start.

In the afternoon we did our weeky shop and for the first time with a scarf around my face and gloves I entered LIDL which I always enjoy.  We cannot continue with this total lockdown for ever.  If we are sensible, keep social distancing, wash hands frequently that should be OK – though the awareness, if not an emotional fear – remains.  A programme empahising what can be expected if you go down with it hard sounds really bad, for if one survives a strong dose recovery could be only partial and very drawn out.


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