Saturday 2nd May

A cold and beautiful day.  Caught up with my run as Thursday started on a Spanish netflix binge, MONEY HEIST with an incredibly original plot centred on the Spanish mint and involving a cast of amazing characters of ambivalent behaviour and attitudes – good in the bad, weakness in the good and endless complexities and sexual relationships – grabbed hold of me and wasted hours and today Elizabeth joined me for two hours.

Our garden again so beautiful.  This really is a weird disconcerting time.

On returning from my run I was accosted by a woman with a trolly and all her worldly possessions packed on it.  She spoke politiely and wanted to know where she could catch a bus to Shepton Mallet. I expressed sympathy but ignorance, and suggested our bus station. Back home I discussed with Elizabeth what we night do.  Weirdly she (the woman) embodied the problem I had just been thinking about on my run, when does one act to avoid others suffering while living in a world surrounded by so much?  Here was an immediate case and I felt I should do something.  We drove to the bus station, found there were no buses to Shepton, but spoke to a bus driver who arrived from Yeovil who confirmed there were no buses to Shepton but despite her not being  a needed worker, agreed to take her to Yeovil.  We then found her sitting in a doorway drinking a hot coffee from the Co-op.  I told her the bus to Yeovil was coming and gave her £40 (which by chance I had on me in cash) to get by with saying that if she needed help there was more to be found in Yeovil than here.  We did not wish to do more and could not see anything more we could do. Giving her a lift with covid being not on. What would others have done?

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