Thursday 30th April

Bit of a cold on-off rain and sun day.   Spent the morning sorting old images after talking to Judith about the death of her sister Ann.  Yes Covid got her in the end at 80.  Glamarous as a young woman as her photos showed, she had difficult relationships and no children.  A skilled designer of silver , she became an enthusiastic collector of first edition fine children’s books and the original illustrations in them – really intriguing and beautiful works.  Last saw her a year ago and completed a portrait of her which I was looking for.

Off to Yeovil .  Our longest drive since lock-down to have  a denture repaired. Beautiful rich green countryside.
After supper Elizabeth joined me to watch Yuval Noah Harari speak to a packed out Westminster Hall on his then new book Homo Deus.  Apparently without notes and completely without hesitation he mesmerised us for over an hour – Elizabeth was amazed and impressed.  He was explaining the dangerous situation we are in as humanity approaches the loss of power and employment that the rapid growth of AI is bringing.  Ideas and insights pour out of him, always carefully explained and backed up with examples.  No PowerPoint used.  He really is quite exceptional as a thinker who pulls together the arts, humanities, physical and social sciences and the study of religion and politics – he is basically an historian, and an exceptional speaker and communicator.  Go to UTUBE and find out for yourself.

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