Monday 11th May. Blog Ends. Zoom Meeting on National Resilience Service Friday 15th May 11 a.m.

Dear ANVIL Associates and other friends,

I have written a short paper (2 sides of A4 which I am told is the most any mover and shaker can be expected to read) putting forward the idea that as we have an NHS we now need an NRS. (to see the paper click on the Politics category) Following this is my final Lock-Down Blog.

I attach my paper and would appreciate you reading it and giving me your reaction to it. This could affect what I intend to do with it.

For a start I would like to invite you to a ZOOM session on Friday 15th at 11 a.m. to discuss it.

Do hope you are well, and were inspired by Boris as we prepare for the next step on this strange journey.  Perhaps you will soon be able to join me on a walk or run around Wincanton Sports Ground.

John Baxter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. To join click no more than one minute early on the blue reference below.
Time: May 15, 2020 11:00 AM London

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For me this has been a chance to reflect on how we have been using our time and a record of a quite unprecedented experience in all of our lives.

Today with the loosening of some restrictions, the sharp STAY HOME , SAVE THE NHS AND ONLY LEAVE  FOR FOOD, MEDICINE OR EXERCISE comes to an end, unless there is another virus flare-up.  As healthy but aged 78 we remain quite highly at risk.  The first half of a two part documentary we saw last night was very moving showing the compassionate yet very clear and straightforward way the medics are being in their dealings with patients, and the huge strains they are under.

In the case followed through of an 88 yr old survivor of the Holocaust who was very alert and up front about not wanting to accept a ventilator and prepared for his death, (I have had a good innings) only to suddenly come through it to the great surprise of everyone, himself included, and the case of an African nurse of 40 yrs who was on a ventilator which got stuck in her laryncs, who was operated on and somehow recovered and showed such courage and dignity, was very moving.

As we thought about brother Roger’s death eleven years ago it was wonderful to have a surprise email from Catherine in Bucharest who sent  this lovely photo of him and Debbie.This seems a good point to end.

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