Thursday 9th April

Went for another great walk-run-sprint and felt very good, if stiff after it. Also find my 30 min daily meditation sitting really satisfying.

Spent much of the afternoon battling with my computer with the on-line help of Dave Smith and am now working on this updated Word Press website.

Watched The Two Popes with Elizabeth. Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce as Benedict and Francis. Excellent acting but also real insight into the history of two remarkable men. A must see on NETFLIX.
Another must see on NETFLIX is the 10 hr series Messiah which has a young man coming out of Syria today leading a group of refugees from the war and asking Israel for asylum. Very well acted with an unknown as the most convincing Jeshua figure I have ever seen and raising all the right questions about supernaturalism and charisma.  Forgot to go out and clap and felt bad about that.

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