Monday 20th April

Stared early with sitting, a run and a workout.  Clear sunny day with biting cold wind. Also our 52nd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Both spent much of the day reading.  Still on Dominian  which continues to amaze as he retells church history.  I need to read Spinoza.
Spent much of the day preparing and painting back and front door and windowsills.  First occasion I have done this for many months.

Panorama TV showed Richard’s Warwick Hospital and how they are dealing with Covid-19.  He was not on.

Saw a sad thriller with Elizabeth about a teenage murderer after a fine dinner, but was enthralled on the I player 9on my own of course!) with DEVS, an 8 session drama exploring in very dramatic thriller form Quantum mechanics, cause and effect and free will.  Behind it is writer director Alex Garland whose sci fi AI film Ex Machina is also a must.


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