ANVIL July 15th Graham Stride. Meat Is Not Ecologically Sustainable

ANVIL Discussion  July 2015

         Is Large Scale Meat Production Sustainable For The Future?

Notes from Graham

My chosen topic for discussion is posing the position that worldwide animal husbandry at the present scale, or increased to meet the demands of potential future requirements, may not be actually sustainable.

My talk will cover a few key areas, which set out my reasoning as to why this may prove to be the case – and of course, you will have your own thoughts and opinions.

The presentation will look at:

Population trends as current statistics and projections indicate.

Land availability and use.

Diet changes across cultures as economies change.


Agriculture as a key food producer of calories for the planet.

The Green Revolution.

Successes and problems – looking into the future.


Animal Husbandry in light of food production.

Land use, resources , projected needs, problems.

Factory farming.

Environmental issues.


Challenges, challenges, challenges?

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