Anvil Wednesday 16th September. Julie Arliss Ethical Theory and Assumptions in Sexual Ethics

This was another fascinating session following on from Graham Stride’s really thought provoking one which stirred up so much discussion.  Focussing on what she as a teacher sees as the most commonly adopted secular styles or schools of ethics, that is utilitarianism – ie the greatest good (or well-being) for the greatest number, or Ethical Egoism ie that each person ought to act to serve his or her self interest, she also drew attention to the way the porn industry is targeting pre-teens in its attempts to build a long term market among young people and how popular depictions of how one should behave in sexual situations are often examples of ethical egotism. This view also is inclined towards a rejection of belief in free will arguing that “as altruism is always self-referential”  and determined by evolution.

I have emailed this paper to all on our lists as a PDF but knowing how much some of you love computers, here is Julie’s carefully considered paper on our site.  All you need do is click where it goes blue for the PDF. Sexual Ethics Academy



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