Sunday 27th April

Another beautiful balmy day with the garden bursting.  See the lilac tree.

Andrew Marr for the pick of the political week.  Announcement that more than 20,000 have died in English and N Ireland hospitals taking an estimated real total including home and care home deaths to “over 40.000.”
Very impressive new Labour front-bencher Rachel Reeves set out what has gone wrong in a carefully “non-partisan” way and Dominic Raab exhibited his impressive grasp of his very tough overall brief while Boris prepares to return tomorrow.
Cooked roast breast of lamb ribs with roast potatoes, greens and marrow eaten sitting in the sun with glasses of Bordeaux.  Beautiful.  Inevitably the preparation and enjoyment of food rates high for both of us and we really enjoy cooking for each other in about equal measures.  We take care not to overeat and I watch my weight like a hawk. (12 stone)
Spent the afternoon trying out video recording in preparation for Tuesday when I am giving my talk on Zoom and we went for another beautiful walk on the Stourhead Estate, spoke on Skype to Paul and Jo in Oxford and received movies and a lovely phone call of the grandchildren performing, reading and enjoying their London penthouse garden in the sun.  those that have will  those w

How long can they keep on with a lock-down which preserves the old and sickly at the cost of the jobs and future of the young and less susceptible who will be left with a mountain of debt? Will it be as usual that  those who have capital and property will end op even better off than those who are younger and do not.  Also we elderly cannot be locked down with crude rules which we now understand when using intelligence and common sense we should be allowed to act with considerably more freedom.



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