Gove and C grade GCSE

Michael Gove has really got an E minus this time.  Is it the case there has been grade inflation over the last decade? Yes, since the Tories set up the exam boards in competition with each other and surprise surprise they compete with schools to offer exams that will give the schools the best pass rates. To try and rectify this flawed system by either encouraging or allowing the exam boards to tighten the grades in the middle of the year without giving the schools a clear warning to prepare for tougher marking is unbelievable. It shows a complete lack of respect for the teaching profession working with those for whom a grade c is a real struugle .  It is also totally unfair and cruel to move the goalposts without warning during the course of the year so blocking entry for many aiming at further education courses who had been predicted to be up for a C. But then they are not the pupils Gove is interested in.

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