Friday 17th April

Started the day with an early run in what seemed good weather getting home at 8 am.  Almost immediately it clouded over and the heavens opened for the first time in many weeks so we had got our garden shed cleared just in time.  The temperature dropped and Elizabeth returned from shopping very cold.
Had an unsuccessful time trying to get through to Barbara Strauss in SA on Skype, but neither of us could make it work.  Spoke to local friends and the daughters -as we do almost daily.  Started work touching up the paint in the kitchen and around the house.

TV enjoyed the Master Cheff final. Addicted to it, but only the real competitons, the amateurs and the professionals – not the xxx celebs. Year on year it continues to fascinate.  Watched the final hour of Wolf Hall when  Anne Boleyn is framed and ends on the scaffold.

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