11th April Saturday

Beautiful weather, lovely run/walk around Sports Ground, (As in picture) wrote article on it for Wincanton Window, had long and frank discussion with Robin Price about the Word magazine, was depressed as the numbers dying was reported is increasing . Watched an hour of Messiah Netflix with Elizabeth.  Below the article.

Also had a VERY DEPRESSING time trying to get to terms with the new update for this siteWord Press.  At last got access to the “classic” previous set up.  Hooray for computer updates.


Sports Ground Peter’s Walk

At this tough time how lucky we are in Wincanton with the number of fine open spaces we have to walk or run and get that vital exercise so important for us all as we face covid-19.  I think of the Recreation Ground and Wincanton Sports Ground.  The current official advice is clear. Once a day it is permissible to leave our homes to walk, run or cycle on our own or with other household members, our dog or our horse.  We should keep moving and not join up with friends on these occasions, and we should be very careful to practice social distancing.   At least six feet (two metres) between us and those we meet (and remember that a cough or sneeze carries much further than six feet and if we touch a metal gate, handwashing on getting home is a must.)

Exercise is vital if we are to keep healthy, whatever our age.  It is also so enjoyable to be able to take in and experience our beautiful countryside and our open green spaces.  A walk following the clearly marked perimeter path around our Sports Ground takes about forty minutes, less for runners or cyclists and of course there are so many alternative paths you can take.

Since the Sports Centre by King Arthur’s School has had to close its gymn, swimming pool and exercise classes, I have taken to having a fast walk and a jog around the Sports Ground.  It is really great and made more so by the friendly way people are practicing social distancing, stopping and getting right off the path, facing the other way, but also giving a friendly greeting.  It is good also that almost all dog owners keep leads handy, aware that contact via dog fur could be risky.

We are so lucky to be here in the country unlike those in crowded urban areas with high-rise flats and limited park spaces.  Here there is plenty of room for us to exercise without putting ourselves or others at risk – if we keep our distance!







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