Proposal for a National 55 mph speed limit


The vast majority of people today drive petrol or diesel cars. (9 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain currently 2018) and with the best will in the world they will continue doing so for several more years. (Until 2025?) 

  • Each year more hybrids and all electric cars are sold but currently there are only 212 thousand on our roads (2018) In 2018 only 2.1% of new cars were electric.  While this number will increase how long will it take to reach 50%?
  • What can we do easily, cheaply and with some effectiveness to reduce both petrol and the even more toxic diesel emissions right now for the cars currently on our roads?
  • Almost all cars, petrol and diesel, are designed to be most efficient in their use of fuel when travelling at around 55 m.p.h.
  • Roaring around at 70 to 80 mph and driving with aggressive acceleration and braking can increase fuel consumption and the expulsion of exhaust gases by 30%. (Take note Jeremy Clarke and fans)
  • Keeping to a maximum speed of 55 mph together with smooth driving can easily reduce fuel consumption by 15-20%
  • The 37.9 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain currently consume 20.4 billion litres diesel and 16.8 billion litres petrol. The average price for a litre of petrol or diesel is £1.16 p
  • Bearing in mind the older, less well maintained and aggressively driven cars on the road it should still be reasonable to expect an overall saving in fuel and exhaust gases of between 5 and 10 per cent of total fuel consumption if a national 55 mph speed limit was introduced.
  • Affecting over 40 million citizens this measure would bring home the importance of facing up to climate change with a measure that would actually save them money.
  • Properly introduced as DRIVE GREENER AT 55 mph and with new GREEN 55 speed signs and a publicity campaign about the advantages of efficient driving until you can afford an electric car this campaign could have a generally positive effect in preparing the public for the more expensive and difficult changes that fighting Climate Change will entail.
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