ANVIL Covid 19, Inequality and the Relevance of Liberation Theology Wed. 12th May

letter for general useJoining us via ZOOM from Durham we had as our main proposer Dr Sarah Pearce who is a retired medical consultant  currently working on a Graduate Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies at Durham. She gave what everyone found an excellent, clear and shocking paper based on the Marmot reports which analyses how Covid has laid bare the extent of poverty and inequality in Britain and how this has been getting worse. .

This will be our 5th meeting for 2021. All have been on ZOOM and they have all had increasing attendance  and have stimulated thoughtful reflection and discussion, which is why we meet.  Having discussed it we will now take a break until September when we may be able to meet live in Wincanton and we also need to explore having a partial Zoom meeting as the Wincnton Quakers have set up.  This will enable our wider membership to continue and make it easy to invite speakers like Sarah Pearce who would not have to come to Wincanton.

To follow up Sarah I have written to our MP David Warburton and I attach a shortened version of he talk that Sarah has sent me to share with ANVIL attendees to use as you wish, possibly also writing to MPs to draw their attention to the MARMOT reports.

letter for general use


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