Wednesday 15th April

A beautiful day again. Found my run and fast walk around the Sports Ground much easier, thirty minutes door to door, and was impressed to find the groundsman had mown the grass leaving a five foot wide path all around the entire perimmiter and most of the fields.  Followed by exercise, shower, sitting and reading paper by a Dr Gocke of the IRC entitled The Many Problems of Special Divine Action an which he attempts to justify a Christian belief in supernatural miracles quoting the Crossing of the Red Sea and the Resurrection.. Sent him a brief refutation.  Afternoon discussed theology  on Skype with Sarah in Durham and the paper I have just read and responded to.  I would be very surprised if the author will be prepared to respond to my criticisms.  What a pity.

TV Watched the first of the next series of Killing Eve.  Loved the first two series.  This one looks doubtful.

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