The Religious Attacks on Dawkins

On a recent visit to Blackwells bookshop in Oxford I saw a whole pile of books, many by very eminent academics, all Christians, who have written taking exception to Dawkins book The God Delusion. I was amazed at how poor their arguments are and the way despite eminent scientific and philosophical careers, they fall back into accepting supernaturalism, the belief that God has confronted us with a series of real, objective but scientifically inexplicable events, of which the physical resurrection of Jesus is the most important, an event for which there is not and cannot be a scientific explanation but was reputedly done by God to encourage us to have faith in Jesus as his Son.  To counteract such thinking I have updated my paper in the Religion section entitled Clearing the Way for Rational Religion. See also the section on the resurrection in Christianity and Supernaturalism,

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