Emergency Volunteer Corps


So you want to make a difference
So you’d like to help save the world – from climate change
At least give practical help to those facing disasters and damage here in Britain.
Or simply to help make things safer and more sustainable locally

Then you should explore joining the


The Emergency Volunteer Corps

The threat of Climate Change is the greatest challenge we have ever faced

Without prompt action life for all of us is under threat

Almost every day brings new emergencies and disasters caused by climate change

Suddenly they hit us here – so we must be prepared.

Joining the EVC gives you a chance to be part of a countrywide team

Ready to help in practical ways.

So join EVC and you will

Face new personal challenges

Learn new skills

Make new friends

See what is happening

Get better prepared for the future

The case for an  environmental EMERGENCY VOLUNTEER CORPS

The coming and growing crisis in climate change and the emergencies and extreme weather that result from it, can be seen both as a threat and an opportunity.  The threat is to our safety, economy, way of life, our very future.  It is worse than the threat of war or imminent invasion, but like such threats, it can also spur us to develop the abilities and the spirit we need to face it.  It can spur us to work with and for others, to co-operate, to accept risks, challenges and difficulties and to get involved.  In short it can help us develop through practical action a vivid sense of our mutual interdependence and common humanity.

In the face then of the inevitable speeding up of climate change and with it the certainty that we can expect a sharp increase in “natural disasters ” – flooding, drought, hurricanes and extreme weather – together with the increased likelihood of  epidemics, the Liberal Democrat leadership should campaign for the setting up NOW of an Environmental Emergency Volunteer Corps, the EVC.

The EVC should recruit and encourage a wide range of volunteers such as:

Specialists in people and logistics management
Former defence service personnel – all ranks.
Former and current health professionals
Students and those wishing to have a Gap Year  ( EVC service could be set against top-up fee payments)
Immigrants and new citizens
Long term unemployed
School evaders.
A proportion of those sentenced to carry out Community Service.
Those retired with useful skills.

The EVC should become a powerful tool for raising general awareness of the dangers posed by climate change and practical understanding of the possible and likely emergencies that can be expected as a result.

It should train and provide a large number of volunteers with a range of practical skills and relevant understanding so they can be called up to serve full time with relief work during emergencies.

Rather like the TA the EVC should be seen as a valuable form of national service and should attract payment commensurate with skills and time devoted.  Those called up to serve during an emergency should have employment protection.

The EVC will need to be multi-skilled and flexible providing opportunities for a wide variety of very different volunteers to offer full-time, part-time and emergency service.

In return it should provide valuable skills and training for those preparing to enter the world of work.

It should provide an opportunity for personal challenge and for experiencing a deeper sense of belonging to British society.  It should be an integrating force which should work across social, ethnic, cultural, linguistic and gender divisions in providing volunteers with a wide range of opportunities to be of service.

Service in the EVC should become a source of pride for participants and something that employers will value in employees and prospective employees as showing a commitment to service, the capacity to work as part of a team and the ability to develop practical, organisational and leadership skills.

The EVC should also be used to speed up and carry out surveys on local environmental risks (flooding, storms, etc) and for promoting energy conservation projects in order to reduce the impact of climate change emergencies on local communities.

The EVC will need a highly skilled and charismatic Director General to lead it and get it going.  It will need top management of the highest calibre.  It will need to be non-partisan and get cross-party support, and be able to mesh in with local and national government plans and initiatives.

Inevitably as it develops the EVC will require very careful planning and massive funding, but compared to the alternative – an unprepared public rushing around like headless chickens or suffering passively in the face of mounting crises, it should simply come to be seen as vital expenditure

It would seem to me that the obvious person to approach to launch support for the setting up of the EVC – along with our new party leader, would be
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Idea originator: JJB   e mail john@nulljonicon.co.uk  What do you think?