Dominic Lacey: Anacyclosis: the theory of political evolution

In a well attended meeting on Tuesday 14th March and Dominic Lacey delivered his paper on Plato’s theory of political evolution.  The value of most people having clearly read what he had written in advance has seldom been so obvious for it stimulated a really thoughtful and extended discussion as we reflected on populism, the rise of Trump and the unsolved problems that big data are raising as middle ranking jobs are lost.  To see his paper again here it is. Continue reading

Jonathan Pearce on Islam and Liberal Democracy.

Dear ANVIL associate,


We end our third year with a talk by the liberal humanist writer and philosopher Jonathan Pearce speaking on the subject Islam and Liberal Democracy.  How Compatible Are They?  I have heard Jonathan speak and he has researched the subject carefully.  We should have an excellent meeting.   Few subjects could be more topical and relevant when the heads of our security services are on public record that the greatest threat to our country is Islamic Extremism.  Continue reading

ANVIL, TUESDAY, 12th July 2016 Population Pressures

Population  Pressures
ANVIL, TUESDAY, 12th July 2016
Please note that this session is on TUESDAY 12th
not Wednesday 13th as Derek’s paper  is  headed

This subject is a really interesting one and again one that is often so daunting that we prefer not to think about it in a systematic way.  Derek has done some careful research. What follows is his full papaer: Continue reading