BREXIT Some thoughts. 25-1-19

Despite the defeat of her deal by 230 votes – May seems to ignore this by continuing to discuss only her deal or no deal.  She does this to prevent her party from splitting.  The danger which gets worse daily is that this no deal “default option” may go through on the 29th of March destroying trust in our Parliamentary democracy to prevent us from a catastrophic, irrational and irreparable step as we are forced out of the EU by a very small minority of pro-Brexit at any price MPs.    So what  needs to be done to stop this happening?

We know our politicians and our country is deeply divided, but no one knows how either the Commons or the people would now vote.

The Brexit controversy must be resolved for it is blocking other vital issues from being dealt with properly. What is more it must be in a way that can be accepted by all sides as properly democratic and settled for a generation. Anything else will leave us with endless wrangling.

After two years wasted by May it is now too late for a series of Citizens Assemblies.  Still it is hard to see how any conclusion could take less than a year to resolve. This leads to the conclusion – promoted by the LDs from day one, that : Parliament needs to vote for a FINAL BREXIT REFERENDUM.

The form and questions for that need be formulated by an independent body – the Electoral Commission – and then accepted by Parliament as unbiased and fair.  That needs both a free and a secret vote and a cross party agreement that this is the last BREXIT referendum for at least 25 years. (as Blair suggested)
All adult British Citizens resident in the UK or abroad must have the vote.  (How long would it take to add all those 16 plus registered. Many months. )

The referendum must give voters three options.

To Leave with no deal with the EU.
To Remain in the EU
To accept the final form of a May-EU treaty.

The result then to be based either on a simple majority or better, a second vote after one choice is eliminated.
Anything less than giving three options would leave a huge swathe of citizens feeling disempowered and ignored.

The referendum needs to be far better supervised to make sure expenditure constraints are observed and unattributal social media and foreign interference is blocked.

Some other thoughts

I have listened to May speaking in Parliament and answering questions now for hurss. Over and over she made it plain the only choice she will allow is her deal or no deal.  Her calls for “dialogue” with her own and other parties have shown her totally rigid in sticking to her “my deal or no deal” mantra.  Terrifying.

Equally terrifying is the behaviour of Corbin.  I think his call for May to take no deal off the table is dishonest, for by refusing to speak to her he makes it MORE likely that she will stick to her guns and leave no deal on the table.  Note the ominous silence from his supporters in the Labour Party.  I think he sees himself playing a long game for he prefers no deal to the May deal or a second referendum, despite the 2/3rds of Labour members who want to remain in the EU and to have a second referendum.  Why?  I think because Corbin is waiting for a chaotic no deal followed by the collapse of a Tory government as “no deal” bites. He then hopes for a massive Labour victory in the next General Election when he hopes to set up an extreme “socialist” state free of EU constraints.

Liberal minded grown-up parliamentarians of all parties need to stop this happening by calling for a second referendum now.

Well that is what I think. John Baxter



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