BREXIT Letter to the Guardian re a Citizens Assembly 17-12-18

My letter of course was ignored by the Guardian

May is getting close to destroying our democracy by attempting to force through options no majority wants or will accept, particularly a No Deal withdrawal.  So what  needs to be done?

We know our politicians and our country is deeply divided, but no one knows how people would now vote.
The Brexit controversy must be resolved soon for it is blocking other vital issues from being dealt with properly.
An urgent solution is needed to resolve the issue in a way that can be accepted by all sides as properly democratic and settled for a generation.
It is now too late for a Citizens Assembly for it would string things out for many extra months of uncertainty.
Parliament needs to vote for a FINAL BREXIT REFERENDUM.

The form and questions for that need be formulated by an independent body – the Electoral Commission – and then accepted by Parliament as unbiased and fair.  That needs both a free and a secret vote and a cross party agreement that this is the last BREXIT referendum for at least 25 years.
All adult British Citizens resident in the UK or abroad to have the vote.  (How long would it take to add all those 16 plus registered. Many months. )

The referendum must give voters three options.

To Leave with no deal with the EU.
To Remain in the EU
To accept the May-EU treaty.

The result then to be based on a simple majority or a second vote after one vote is eliminated.
Anything less would leave a huge swathe of citizens feeling disempowered and ignored.

The referendum needs to be far better supervised to make sure expenditure constraints are observed and unattributal social media and foreign interference is blocked.

John Baxter

I have just listened to May speaking in Parliament and answering questions for over an hour. Over and over she made it plain the only choice she will allow is her deal or no deal.

After much rhetorical bluster from Corbin there was an ominous silence from the rest of his front bench who I am increasingly convinced prefer no deal to the May deal or a second referendum, despite the new young members who want to remain in the EU.  Why?  I think because Corbin is waiting for a Tory collapse as “no deal” bites when he hopes to set up an extreme “socialist” state free of EU constraints.

Cable depressed me by using his question to make an inconsequential joke, as if he has given up on a second referendum.



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