Jonathan Pearce on Islam and Liberal Democracy.

Dear ANVIL associate,


We end our third year with a talk by the liberal humanist writer and philosopher Jonathan Pearce speaking on the subject Islam and Liberal Democracy.  How Compatible Are They?  I have heard Jonathan speak and he has researched the subject carefully.  We should have an excellent meeting.   Few subjects could be more topical and relevant when the heads of our security services are on public record that the greatest threat to our country is Islamic Extremism. 

That was said before Brexit, and Putin doing his bombing in Syria and well before the election of a new US president on November 8th (enough to make an atheist pray) To whet your appetite  Jonathan has sent us this link to his website which includes much of his talk and a very interesting video of a debate in the US,

You also may find the Westminster Faith Debate on Radicalisation in Schools which I attended in London in July 2015 and in particular what Tom Holland , author of In the Shadow of the Sword has to say .


Being all such busy people you will not be able to examine all of this, but it is worth while dipping in.  The Westminster Faith Debates  Google will show you have a range of videos expressing pro and anti Islam opinions.

As I said a big complex and important subject

 If you wish to come please email to reserve your place.  16 places.  Also please come along with any ideas you may have for topics for next year or email them to me asap.  John Baxter





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