Friday 8th May 75th VE Day.

Beautiful run starts a lovely sunny day. As it wore on so did the significance of VE day. Visited Janet and took Dougle for his walk for the 1st time since lock-down followed by a spaced garden chat with J who seems well and in lively mood.  She told me about when she was a pre-teen.  By mistake the Luftwaffe aiming for Yeovil bombed Sherborne  killing 12 and destroying much of the High Street.  She remembers her GP father found himself treating the German pilot who had bailed out and seeing her sister climb through the rubble carrying her bike.  She was 15 when the war ended and has no memories of VE day.

A strange atmosphere.  Also shot the Rogers family playing war time hits beautifully.. Others were organising spaced out teas so we offered scones and cream and met in our neighbour Stephanie’s garden where we practiced social distancing around the tea, scones and shortbread. Julie joined us.

Cooked roast lamb breast, Really good with a fine Bordeaux wine followed by Captain Tom’s amazing story and an excellent BBC programme on the first VE day with Mrs Windsor at her best.  The BBC really is amazing the way it can both hit just the right note and address the difficulties.

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