Email on Covid-19

Dear ANVIL Associates, friends and family,

Since our last ZOOM meeting of ANVIL a week ago today as you will see from the attached paper I thought it would be useful for myself and any of you interested to try and summarise just where we seem to stand as regards Covid-19.  Inevitably I have had some ideas about the way forward also.
Both Greg Atkins and Dave Wrathall have kindly looked over this paper but responsibility for what is in it is of course mine.  Today I was also interested to read a careful article by “MD” in Private Eye which both draws attention to many of the same facts (and more) and draws similar conclusions.
My intention is to put this paper on the ANVIL website and to follow it up with any comments or criticisms any of you would like to make. If you feel moved to do so please send me an email and make it clear if you want to attach your name or remain anonymous.
I hope you will find the paper readable and look forward to hearing from you.


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