Blog Tuesday 31st

Spent time listening to virologist friend and retired professor from TCD Greg Atkins talking about viruses and taking his advice to get on board with ZOOM as a possible way of keeping ANVIL going.  It seems an excellent platform for group meetings.  What Greg had to say about the infectious nature of the corona virus is sobering, its size and the power of the electron microscope that can see it amazed me.

Numbers of deaths go up.  Brazil, India, South Africa and Syria in a dire situation, as is the US. Discussion including Joan Bakewell on Radio 4 .  How should doctors choose when faced with limited ventilators between old and young who both need them and should the elderly be encouraged not to take up a hospital bed and die at home?  Where do I stand?  I do not want to die painfully, or alone, though that worries me less than I thought. I think I would still be prepared to go off to hospital on my own if there might still be some chance I would recover, for I enjoy life. However I do not want my treatment to block the treatment for younger people – such as my daughters and certainly my grandchildren. This leaves a dilemma. I also would hate to be separated from Elizabeth if either of us get the virus.  Guess these are thoughts we all need to reflect on.

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