ANVIL 14th April. David Warden leads on the HISTORICAL JESUS History or Myth

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This Wednesday 14th April 7pm Meeting on ZOOM we had our biggest turnout every, 35.  This included Dorset Humanists.
Our subject was “The Historical Jesus.” and we were very glad to have as our main speaker David Warden, Chair of Dorset Humanists.   Our first Responder was Alison Way, rector of Wincanton, followed by John Baxter.  Before the session to fill in the background I prepared a visual aid to illustrate the presently widely held scholarly consensus about Paul, Jesus and the gospels as can be found in John Barton’s History of the Bible.
David has now also kindly sent his complete text which is here for you to read. Obviously, and for different reasons, Alison and I do not agree with each other or with David, but David has produced a fascinating and well argued paper for a case that is not often heard in serious discussion.  Here it is for you to examine, and if you want, to take him on.  I shall also soon be adding my response to David’s paper.

Click here for David’s paper..  Jesus – History or Myth – talk transcript

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Our next meeting will be on Wed. 12th May and our subject will be Covid 19, Inequality and the Relevance of Liberation Theology.
Joining us from Durham will be Sarah Pearce who is a retired medical consultant who is currently working on her Graduate Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies at the university there.  Her talk will be based on a challenging paper she has written and I will act as chair.


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